Nichole + Kirk // The most charming wedding at the Tudor Mansion in Bay City, Michigan

Many many years ago, this wonderful woman stood up in a wedding I photographed of her friend, and alllll these years later, an email from her pops up in my inbox to tell me about this very tiny + intimate wedding her and Kirk are hosting at this beautiful home in Bay City. They hosted a big reception with all their friends and family the next day at her brother’s farm, but I got the honor of sneaking into this perfect little evening and doing the thing I love to do the most, which is basically spend my time trying to master the art of blending into the nearest wall while trying not to cry when other people cry. I fail at the latter almost everytime but whatever, I LOVE CRYING.

And I love this wedding, and this house, and this energy, and this simplicity, and BAY CITY, MICHIGAN!

N+K, what a breath of fresh air you are.