Kate + Henry // A backyard wedding with a party at the Ypsilanti Freighthouse

How does one even begin to tell this story? As time goes on, I find this part of blogging the hardest. Time and time again, I feel overwhelmed with trying to figure out what details are emotionally important to the story… So I’ll start by saying these two got married in her parent’s backyard, and so they both sort of split the house while getting ready but there was no real pressure to avoid each other….

Kate is 1 of 4 children, and this home was covered in family photos, and I’m not talking about the posed ones. The walls were covered in snapshots that were so visceral. Photos that all had a story to tell. Even the garage and laundry room walls were covered in all of the childhood artwork that her mom saved over the years. Every single detail of this day was intentional, and I think I can speak for everyone there that we all felt the beautiful weight of this union. At one point, Henry gave his buds a gift— it was a book he thought they’d enjoy (and he explained to each person why he picked a certain book for them) and it also included a gift card to the local bookstores from wherever they were living because he believes in supporting independent bookstores like our very own Literati.

The people who witnessed their license signing were their Grandmothers, so yeah go ahead and insert all of the tears. Kate’s mom surprised her with a bowl of Fruit Roll Ups because she wouldn’t let her eat them growing up. She also wore his Grandmother’s veil, and there was a 20 minute best man speech that could have gone on forever and I would have happily laughed along until the end of eternity. It’s not every wedding where you hear a speech that is about love AND farting. Whether it was when he made you laugh, or when he made you cry, Kyle blew us all away.

Fast forward to the party at the Freighthouse where Luna Soiree Events just straight up transformed that space into a place that somehow felt like a home away from home, which is kind of totally exactly what Kate + Henry feel like too…

What you’ll find as you scroll through these photos are almost none that were directed by me in any way. These are the photos that happen when you really just allow yourself to enjoy your wedding and forget about photos altogether…

In my mind, these are the photos you hire me for, and everything else is just a really fun + creative bonus…

c o m e a l o n g a n d f a l l i n l o v e

(There are not big enough or warm enough hugs to be given to Jess + Hannah for shooting their absolute hearts out alongside me on this day, my gratitude for your support and supreme talent is immeasurable.)

Eat your hearts out:

Planning + Design Luna Soiree Events
Paper Goods Jade Social
Videography Visi Productions
Band Gussied
Florals J Costello Designs
Grub Food Art

Ashley + Kevin // Married at Meadowbrook Hall + Gardens

Listen, I know I’m not supposed to do this, but I’m going to do this anyway…

This is one of my favorite weddings, EVER. If for no other reason, except that the reception made my heart feel like it was going to burst into a million pieces. The energy that filled this tent you guys… I don’t have the words to do it all justice…

the friendship
the love
the physical connections
the hilarity
the comfort

I spent this entire day in a constant state of being blown away by the relationships that were surrounding me, and not just Ashley + Kevin…. E V E R Y O N E. I love that this day felt like there wasn’t time for photos that didn’t have beautiful faces in them, and that everytime I pointed my camera at a non human subject, I felt this yank to stop because I was missing something amazing happening with people. And I was right. Every minute of this day got better than the last, and it is my greatest honor to let you see just a handful of my favorite photos of the day.

Ashley + Kevin— YOU ARE THE G.O.A.T.

Allie + Mitch // A Sun Soaked Wedding at Indian Springs Metropark

you’re looking at the very first rain free wedding of my season so far! not only did it NOT rain, but the sun showed itself to us like it hadn’t in weeks. it covered every single one of us in it’s warm rays. the birds were out, the spirits were high, and love was buzzing everywhere. Allie + Mitch hosted a perfectly relaxed wedding at one of my favorite venues (Indian Springs Metropark) and we were spoiled by an amazing sunset, some very old and beautiful cars, and a grandfather with a smile that i won’t soon forget…