Chelsea + Shayan // Frederik Meijer Gardens in Grand Rapids, Michigan

I remember the day I got the email from Chelsea and I read words that said something about how much love existed in their families and that they loved the way I photographed TOUCH, and how they wanted the color and movement captured. It was in that email, and then confirmed on their wedding day (which was a beautiful fusion of Indian and American culture and traditions) that I realized that I had taken way to long to finally say yes to a wedding that wasn’t just true blue American. I was always intimidated because of industry stories I’d heard, and it wasn’t until I told a friend about this wedding and how them noticing touch in my photos made me want to do it, and she just goes “YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN DOING THESE WEDDINGS FROM THE START!” and that was it for me. I said yes, and it was wild and it was bold and it was romantic and the Indian wedding traditions were what dreams are made of and I hope this is the first of many for me… I’m begging you universe, please make this happen for me!

Chelsea + Shayan, and to both of your families and all of your friends…. especially to one of the women who always found me throughout the day and connected me to each tradition by telling me the meaning of everything, it was one of the most incredible love stories I’ve ever had the honor of telling! Thank you all for bringing me into your beautiful circle and letting me do my thing! My favorite photo of the entire day is a very blurry and poorly lit photo of Shayan’s parents dancing on the dance floor and the way they fell into each other when I asked for a photo of them…. Okay, LIES! I actually have way too many favorites parts…. like, the ceremonial fire that was much bigger than anyone expected, or the beautiful saris, or the three wheeled bike they equipped with music for the Baraat. Luckily, I had second shot a wedding with a friend where I got to know this tradition (where the groom travels in a procession to the ceremony with family and friends) and so I knew exactly what was coming and what I was after, and it was the most incredible thing!

But lastly, I want to talk about the dancing that took place at the reception that was choreographed by their friends. I am so glad that it occurred to me to start recording it on my phone because the clip that I caught at the very end was hands down some of the best seconds of my whole life! At the end (and you’ll see in the video I attached) that I was screaming, mouth gaping, FREAKING OUT. I swear I watched the video a few hundred times and it took my heart a week to return to it’s normal beat…

I love the way weddings change me and the way I see the world moving forward from them, and I’m grateful to these couples for giving me this gift every weekend.

C+S, you are magnificent.

Lauren + Alex // A beautiful + bold wedding at The Eastern in Detroit

These two humans. Actually, every single human that was part of this wedding…

Lauren and Alex, from the second I approached your house and saw “The sun is out” sign in your window, I knew that the entire day was going to be something beyond anything I ever could have imagined. Actually, I felt that feeling bubbling in my belly from the second I set eyes on you guys as at your engagement session. There is something so magnificent and special about each of you, and the two of you together? I just know that it’s the right-est, real-est, bestest, and my God is it MIGHTY.

Thank you for the honor of sharing this day, and your people with me.

Venue: The Eastern
Planning + Design: Tricia Finn Events

Kate + Henry // A backyard wedding with a party at the Ypsilanti Freighthouse

How does one even begin to tell this story? As time goes on, I find this part of blogging the hardest. Time and time again, I feel overwhelmed with trying to figure out what details are emotionally important to the story… So I’ll start by saying these two got married in her parent’s backyard, and so they both sort of split the house while getting ready but there was no real pressure to avoid each other….

Kate is 1 of 4 children, and this home was covered in family photos, and I’m not talking about the posed ones. The walls were covered in snapshots that were so visceral. Photos that all had a story to tell. Even the garage and laundry room walls were covered in all of the childhood artwork that her mom saved over the years. Every single detail of this day was intentional, and I think I can speak for everyone there that we all felt the beautiful weight of this union. At one point, Henry gave his buds a gift— it was a book he thought they’d enjoy (and he explained to each person why he picked a certain book for them) and it also included a gift card to the local bookstores from wherever they were living because he believes in supporting independent bookstores like our very own Literati.

The people who witnessed their license signing were their Grandmothers, so yeah go ahead and insert all of the tears. Kate’s mom surprised her with a bowl of Fruit Roll Ups because she wouldn’t let her eat them growing up. She also wore his Grandmother’s veil, and there was a 20 minute best man speech that could have gone on forever and I would have happily laughed along until the end of eternity. It’s not every wedding where you hear a speech that is about love AND farting. Whether it was when he made you laugh, or when he made you cry, Kyle blew us all away.

Fast forward to the party at the Freighthouse where Luna Soiree Events just straight up transformed that space into a place that somehow felt like a home away from home, which is kind of totally exactly what Kate + Henry feel like too…

What you’ll find as you scroll through these photos are almost none that were directed by me in any way. These are the photos that happen when you really just allow yourself to enjoy your wedding and forget about photos altogether…

In my mind, these are the photos you hire me for, and everything else is just a really fun + creative bonus…

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