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if you like me, you’ll like them, ya dig?

wedding films, DJ’s, cake babes, floral rockstars, designers?
here are some wedding industry folks who blowwwwmeawayyyyy with their passion, talent, and vision.

<<<there is no order to this list, my admiration for them all is equally devastating>>>

Clark Motion Picture Co.

FRICKIN FRICK. I basically came up with the idea to make this vendor list a page on my website because of THIS GUY. His name is Mike, and he is maybe one of the kindest people I’ve ever met. He also happens to be able to RIP MY HEART OPEN WITH HIS WEDDING FILM CREATING SORCERY. But don’t take my word for it, go see for yourself—and bring a box of tissue with you >>>>>

Bash Event Planning + Design

Ann + her team are fresh and my god do they bring it. When we talk about a wedding we’re working together, we do it while getting a pedicure because that’s how we get down. One of her clients loved working with her so much she started working for the company after her wedding! What more do you need to know? She’s a riot, and a workhorse, and she also provided me endless moral support after I was stung by bees in a field of wildflowers.

University Flower Shop

Dani + her team are dreamboats. They drive an old VW van around town and do pop up floral sales. I love showing up to a wedding and finding Dani on a ladder making dreams come true.

The Block Party DJ’s


We haven’t worked together personally, but I trust my industry friends when they say that this crew only knows how to elevate a party!

Susan Mcleary of Passionflower


This woman continuously blows away the entire world with her masterful creations. She has left me breathless, and freshly inspired to push limits while pursuing a passion.

Luna Soiree Wedding
and Event Design


One time we did a wedding together that brought every season of weather with it. Warm sun, horrible rain, sleet, hail, and finally snow. Never once did I see her panic. She is the calm in the storm, and she has an artful + unique approach that she uses to bring visions to life for her clients. Forever impressed with how hard this woman works!

The Gown Shop-
downtown Ann Arbor


This team has a way of making choosing a wedding dress a most special one. I only had to try on two dresses (and a third just for shits+giggles) before I found the dress of my dreams. I didn’t feel like the 5,000th person they’d met picking out a wedding dress. They were right along in the experience with me, and made the process incredibly easy. And don’t get me started on how many times their window display makes me stop and stare. The selection they have is what bridal dreams are made of!

Sweet Heather Anne


You need not look further for all of your cake dreams to come true. These women are the most brilliant creators, and I have witnessed first hand, on numerous occasions, people being at a total loss of words when they set eyes on their cakes + treats.

Mary Ann Productions


THIS WOMAN!!!!!!! She is some kind of musical wizard, I swear. I do not get to work with her enough, but I can say that she is a master of her craft like I’ve you’ve never seen. There is no one else in this business like her, I promise you that.

Drop Dead Gorgeous


I don’t know whether to begin telling you about Hayley’s incredible work as a hair + makeup artist, or to first tell you that she + a friend founded an all female motorcycle riding club for women in Detroit, called The Dahlias. How absolutely bad ass is that? Do yourself a favor and just snag her up right now. She’s the best, you’ll thank me lata.

Jen House Design


I have followed the work of these ladies for years, and they are forever blowing my mind with their floral designs!

We Adore Flowers

Ginny and I have just starting working together recently, and all I need to say is that I have been present when her creations arrive to weddings, and I have watched her floral designs LIGHT PEOPLE UP with awe and gratitude. That’s pretty damn amazing to create that experience for people with flowers, am I right?