You can listen to me bumble around, uncomfortably trying to sell myself, or you can just hear it straight from those who I’ve worked with themselves.


You turn ordinary life into extraordinary pictures

levin family-76.jpg

Britt captured exactly what it's like to be a part of our family. I couldn't believe this woman, who started as a complete stranger, completely nailed what it's like to be us. She got us and captured beautiful memories for us.


Britt was the best decision we made for our wedding day. I think that's a gigantic nod to her talent, but also for the care she takes in choosing couples that inspire her to do her best work.

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It was like having a friend at the house taking pictures


If you want a photographer who is stealth like a ninja, funny, personable, real, and just bad ass then she is the one you want.

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Britt is the kind of person that makes magic out of the ordinary. Her true talent is in capturing real, honest, emotional moments so that you never forget how you felt, and that those who weren't there could feel everything, from the most hysterical laughter to the most quiet and touching moment.


…She's also got a real soul sister vibe that makes you wonder if maybe you knew her in a past life. Do yourself a giant favor and hire this woman!


Friends and family always comment how they can feel how much we love each other through a picture. That’s pretty amazing, and for that you will always have a piece of our hearts.


We both feel so lucky that we found your Instagram one day, and just KNEW you were the photographer for us!


You are so god damn talented, I cannot take it. Thank you for capturing our day so perfectly. I have so many things to say to you, but I just can't put them in to words.

We're grateful for you.


You are magical- we both just gained a serious appreciation for what you do!


You were able to capture our love and bond better then I could have imagined. Your vision is incredible and your personality only adds to your beauty- inside and out!


She takes an ordinary moment and allows you to see the specialness it holds. Her work hangs on the walls in our home and it’s hard not to stop and smile as I pass them throughout the day. She has a great gift, and we’re so lucky to have our memories captured by her to cherish forever.

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Her photos erupt with emotion and personality and they tell the honest truth. We feel so completely grateful to have had her heart and soul and staggering skill with us on one of our happiest days ever.


You have our entire family in tears!