Oh hey, I’m Britt

I’m a Stage 5 Feeler based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. When I’m not photographing the lives of others, you can find me adventuring with my husband and two kiddos, naked hot tubbing with friends, happily mowing the lawn, making home videos for my family, traveling as often as possible, writing and eating—forever and ever eating.

But listen, I don’t have any fancy awards to brag to you about, and you won’t find my name on any lists of photographer extraordinaires, and I don’t have a million followers anywhere on the internet.

Photography is extremely accessible these days, to everyone. But I have spent over a decade diving into the inner workings of this work—diving way beyond camera settings and composition because after a decade, those sorts of things come as easy as breathing now. The real work lives in the people, and within the tiny unspoken gestures. What I carry around with me is an absolutely relentless passion for giving pause to glimmers of ordinary split-second moments. You’re probably going to look at my work and see the fancy and edgy and romantic portraits and think you want that, but I promise you that what you’ll wind up loving the most are the photographs that you never saw coming, and sometimes, the ones you never saw period. I want to do the same thing for you with my photographs that I want to do for my own family, and that’s simply show you the joy that fills your lives. I want to show you who you are, and I want the photographs we make together to be so powerful that you can feel them with all five of your senses every time you see one.

I’ve been at this a long while now, and I feel its important for me to place some heavy emphasis on my humanness in this current state of my life. There was a time when my entire focus was so easily given to my work—and I really thrived on that. BAMPHOTO was the first thing I ever grew from scratch, and I feel immeasurable pride for all that has come to be since it all began— I overflow with gratitude for the people who have included me in their lives in this way after all these years. But then one day I had to squeeze into some mom jeans and everything seemed to do a flip. Actually, it did something more like a back hand spring…

Now I’m a mother, and an artist
a wife
+ daughter
+ aunt
+ sister
+ friend
and i’m also the mother of a wolf, and a dragon that lives in the coat closet.

If you believe in the power of YOLO…
If you promise to treat me like a human + not a machine…
If you swear you’ll let me eat desserts at your wedding…
If you suck at emailing too…
If you are a total weirdo…

Then look no further, I’m your girl.

home video credit: Our Days Film