Aimee + Drew // A lush + romantic wedding at Planterra Conservatory

I remember the night we FaceTimed for the first time to discuss potentially working together, and I remember what an off day I was having and how frazzled I felt during our chat because there were some bedtime shenanigans happening with my kids…and I remember hanging up that call and eventually mustering up the courage to email them and promptly apologize for how disconnected I may have seemed during our chat….and I’m pretty sure I practically begged them to pretend like it never happened! And of course, as we all know, we build stories that aren’t true and we believe them until proven otherwise….

Somehow, these two beautiful souls embraced all of my weird chaos, and chose me to be the one to help pause some of the time on their wedding day (probably because they too are complete weirdos!) and I am so glad that they did because it allowed me another chance to witness the unraveling of this story that began when they were 14. Life sent them their own separate ways until one day Drew reached back out after a couple years when they were in college, and the rest is history…

It will not surprise you one bit that this wedding is exquisite and one of a kind because it’s got the unmatcched touch that only Ann Travis Events + her incredible team of artists can bring to life. I may or may not be obsessed with the poppyseed details and matte black flatware, and the lushness of Planterra because who doesn’t want to spend hours amongst a million figs?

Aimee + Drew,


okay wait, one more thing….

<<<<Dear Jack Falahee,
I hope you noticed how relaxed we were once we spotted you in the family photo….If you should ever find yourself getting married, I swear I’ll be cool as a cucumber once again. Holla at yo girl! >>>>

Okay, okay, one last very very important thing:
DAIGHNA FREAKING RAYNER, the best second shooter ever. I almost never blog my second shooters images because it doesn’t feel right for me personally, but if you are thinking that you now can’t believe that someone else’s work is mixed in here, then you’d be right to feel that way because its a wonderful display of how intuitive she was, and how good our photos look together. I’m obsessed, and my gratitude for what she brought to the table is immeasurable. THANKS BOO.

Venue: Planterra
Sweets: Sweet Heather Anne
Planning/Design: Ann Travis Events
DJ: Kyle Zagata