Laura + Brandon // A tiny + perfect backyard wedding

so you see, a few years ago i fell in love with this group of best friends…

never in my life have i seen friendships like the ones these people have. seriously, they are the WEIRDEST, and they are the most beautiful in their minds and most genuine in their humanness. each and every single one of them is cloaked in something that makes them wonderfully odd + interesting. YOU GUYS, MY LOVE FOR YOU IS THE DEEPEST FRICKKKKKKKKKK

so the story goes something like it was a full moon on friday the 13th and these magnificent people gathered so that these two could finally get married, and then every single second of it got better and better than the last. i mean, there was on-purpose-cat-fur in the boutonniere, a garage photo shoot, we played tag in a cemetery (and whatever if you think those spirits are doing anything but looking down smiling on us like YOLO!!!!!) and there was never a moment where tears weren’t streaming from someone’s face (most of the time it was his mom and elizabeth (who lived her best life that night and it was a marvel to watch!)) and there was pulled pork and homemade pickled onions and an axe throw to determine first song of the night, and a million other things that made this day the best day, so i’m just going to shut up and let the photos do what they do best…

<<< thank you for this beautiful honor >>>