Jen + Matt // The Block Party Wedding

Everything that I want to write about because it’s so powerful and also tragic and also beautiful and totally human and so very real and inspiring beyond belief— this is a story that isn’t mine to tell, but I do want to say this...

Whatever it is that you dream of—that place you long to see, that person you long to love, that trip you want to take, that gratitude you wish to express, that change you know you need to make, that goal you want to crush, whatever it is… NOW—

not soon
not when you’re “ready”
not when the timing is “right”
not next year
N O W .

and NOW I’m shutting up… and crying….and am going to let you see how these two exemplified the quiddity of nowness to their children in the way that they grew their love…

Jen + Matt + kiddos,
You are big hearted, brave, strong and wonderful people. Your kids, and families, and your neighbors + friends, I don’t even know what to say, this was really just the coolest night. I’ve seen A LOT of weddings in my day, but NEVER an actual Block Party, with legal road signs blocking off the street and homemade cookies of every kind (RIP to those amazing lemon ones that we lost in the cookie jar crash) and a food truck!!! And a band who played music from the neighbors porch. AND the weather being totally bizarre in the most perfect ways… The gravity of this day will never be lost on me, and I am so grateful for people like you who force me to stretch my perspectives and open my eyes….

I hope you enjoy these as much as I loved making them with and of you….