Myrna + Joe // A rainy wedding at home in Detroit's Indian Village

This is what happens when two old souls join forces in life (and soon to be parenthood) and host a tiny + wonderfully intimate wedding at their home with the people they love. This is also some seriously beautiful proof that no one should fear rain on their wedding day because it adds its very own layer of romance that a perfectly sunny day could never pull off.

These two threw all the wedding traditions and rules out the window and paved the way for their own wedding day to emerge, and I was in awe basically every second of the evening from the moment I whizzed through the door in a very particular sort of frazzledness that someday I’m going to have the courage to tell you about…

So until then, just do me a favor and close your eyes….. take a deep breath….exhale……and just step into this day with a lightness that matches the energy that buzzed around us all….

M+J, you already know— my appreciation for you is immeasurable on so many levels, xo.