Afternoon delight with the Gibson Family // Grand Rapids family photograohy

Wanna see what happens when your three kids grow up before your eyes in a flash, and then one day you find out that a most wonderful surprise FOURTH is on the way? I had the great + wonderful honor of heading out to Grand Rapids a few weeks ago to spend an afternoon with this family. Being with them was like watching some of my own childhood memories come back to life, right down to the ways the older brothers interacted with baby sister. I love how easy it felt to be with them, and the way that knowing families like this exist bring comfort to my sometimes-weary-of-the-future soul.

Gibsons!!! Iā€™m entirely too excited for our paths to cross again, and I cherish you so much for inviting me into your home and lives in this way, and letting me follow you around while collecting all sorts of fast and fuzzy and hilarious and tender memories for you.