lauren + alex // down by the river

It’s no secret that all of the couples I work with are amazingly unique, interesting, and total weirdos just like me, and so I’m not sure why these two caught me so off guard the way they did. As soon as they pulled up and started walking towards me, I felt blown away by their energy. I found my own personal guards instantly going down, and a wave of comfort washing over me.

They are the quiet hilarious type, and they love their dogs a lot. I don’t need to tell you that they like each other too, because you’re about to see it with your own eyes.


a day at the beach with aimee + drew

It’s not everyday you get the opportunity to do an engagement session at an art installation, but today was that day, and even the sun showed up for us, too. My husband and I took our kiddos to this a couple weeks before this day, and Aimee + Drew immediately came to mind because I just had a feeling that they would show up for this, and I wasn’t wrong—you’ll see…