Erin + Evan // Married at Ann Arbor's German Park

With every wedding I share, it becomes increasingly more difficult to put my words down about these days because if you can’t tell already, they’ve been next level this season. Every weekend brings forth more beautifully bizarre, hilarious, one of a kind stories and I just feel like my words are getting in the way of you setting your eyes on these life altering days….

Erin + Evan are these very special human creatures, with many talents and interests. They sang a duet together at the reception will melted the hearts of everyone who saw—even strangers on the internet. Chela’s served up their perfect tacos, and there was a literal CHEESE cake that they grated and cut. It was Zingerman’s cheese, and I’M DEAD now. They also used a saw to cut a piece of wood together at the ceremony, and weren’t expecting it to be the hottest September wedding ever so they broke a sweat while making it happen!

Favorite part of the day? Easy. It was how much singing and crying happened. I love that Erin filled any silence with her voice and perfect for the moment song choice. It was always joined with dancing and enthusiasm fit for a star. Erin, you are such a gem in this world

This wedding will stay with me for a long long time though, and forever is what I mean by that…
Nearing the end of our time together, Erin told me to put my cameras down and stop shooting, and her sister hands over two fresh boxes of chalk and hands them to me and she asked kindly for me to chalk. So I did…their dance floor, before open dancing began. I WALKED OUT OF A WEDDING WITH DUSTY KNEES AND I WILL NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN! For those of you who might not know and might be thinking WHAT THE HELL IS SHE TALKING ABOUT AND WHY? This explains everything.

E+E, I will never forget you or this day for as long as I live. Thank you for the honor of pausing all the best parts of this day for you, and for speaking my very dusty love language to me on YOUR day. You are the best!