Lauren + Trevor // A bold and intimate wedding at El Club Detroi

How am I supposed to sum up this wedding in a concise way that will really do it justice without having to write a novel filled with all the details that feel so huge to me? Impossible. So I just sorta want to say that this wedding was a game changer on so many levels. Lauren + Trevor threw every wedding rule out the window. There was no walk down an aisle. There was no cake cutting. Trevor zipped Lauren into her second dress. We broke laws. We trespassed. We popped into a local bar to cheer with Liverpool fans in Detroit. Ceremony photos are blue and gritty and beautiful. The power went out. Food trucks filled bellies with BBQ and tacos. IT RAINED AND RAINED AND RAINED, but always cleared up for enough time to sneak away for some quiet photos of them. They gave me space, time and trust to dig deep.

Once upon a time, almost thirty years ago, Lauren and I lived across the street from each other. The memory I’ve carried around of her was us dancing to Phil Collins at her house in our frilly Easter dresses (and it was NOT Easter.) She moved away, I moved away, and it wasn’t until just a few years ago that we reconnected, and it wound up being her wedding day that we would finally be reunited for the first time since we were tiny little kids. WHAT IS LIFE?

Every one of us who bore witness to this union are the luckiest.. These two have a story and a history that would force even the coldest of hearts to warm in its presence. It was an honor to tell this story, for many reasons, but mostly because love like theirs is what life is all about. During her vows she spoke to him about someday having kids with sticky fingers, and that was it for me. I was a puddle along with every single other person who heard it.

Grab some tissue and come along….

this day wouldn’t have been all that it was without these insanely talented, brilliant, and easy going people/businesses…

Venue : El Club Detroit
Planning/Design/Floral : Curtsy + Bow Events
Meats + Snacks : Mongers’ Provisions - Culinary Outfitters
Pies : Sister Pie Detroit
Cake : Mother of the Bride
Food Trucks : Tacos!!!! and/or BBQ!!!!!!
Bridal Hair Goddesstry : Autumn with Believe Salon
Brews : Brew Detroit